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As we traverse this beautiful country in search of nuts, we come across very needy cases. We got touched by the cries of desperate children who don't have school fees, uniforms and sometimes, no food to eat. From this, Jungle foundation was born. We welcome you aboard as we support priority areas of concern in community.



This includes support to needy students from poor backgrounds joining secondary schools, tertiary institutions such as colleges, universities, and professional courses. It also involves presentation of trophies to schools and best students in academics and extra curricula activities in the Counties where the company purchases nuts, cashew nuts and coffee. The support includes; payment of school fees, provision of leaning materials, school uniform and mentoring.


Market creation:

We are involved in creating domestic markets through our advocacy for anti-dumping ie we don’t need spades from China while our Jua-Kali artisans can make one that lasts 5 times longer! Our tag line is… “Consume Kenyan, create a job”. If we all spend KES 300/- a day on a fully Kenyan product, we will have created a job for a guy for a day! We hope our government is listening!


Youth Empowerment: Football games

This involves selecting youths who are idle in the counties of operation and putting them in a foot ball couching and mentoring programme. The selected youth are later clustered to form football clubs which compete amongst themselves. This is in an effort of encouraging development of football skills among the youth so that they can appreciate co-curriculum activities. It also helps to keep the youth engaged instead of them being idle and engaging in non economic or anti social activities. The youth are also employed by Jungle Macs Ltd if they demonstrate commitment.


Technical Support: waste management

The company works with other partners such as Thika County Government to build capacity of garbage collection and utilization. This includes building of garbage bins/chambers and managing them.


Jua-Kali: Our engine of growth

We are working with several Jua-Kalis at different levels. Most important, we contract them to do various products. We also get involved in making their live easier by constructing good sanitary facilities which their committees charge minimal fee. Such fees go to Jua-Kali kitty and helps in maintenance and revenue stream for their management. 

There are other several projects which have been having excellent opportunities to create jobs. We have done estate dobbies, managed by women groups. We have also done eating houses etc. Each of these units create 10-20 jobs. We are quite pleased with this developments and we usually encourage anybody (or any group of people) with ideas which have potential to creating jobs to be our guests!


Brick Making Project: Jungle Housing

JF has seen a big opportunity of creating jobs while housing the large forgotten Kenyan low income populace. We are using interlocking blocks, a technology from South Africa where bricks are made using a mixture of Quarry dust, Red soil and a small percentage of cement. With just sufficient water, this mixture is compressed to produce beautiful bricks which require no mortar to join since they are all interlocking. 

Jungle has designed a house for low income earners which combines residential cum commercial housing concept. This becomes easier to off-set any mortgage burden as one can rent out one half of the house while maintaining privacy for landlord and tenants. If the owner so wants, this house can be turned from a one bedroomed/two bed-sitter house to a 3-bedroomed house without any modification. 

We have recruited contractors who hire 15 workers approximately per house. It is our vision to have 50 houses being constructed concurrently, thus engaging approximately 750 workers in direct employment and several others indirectly since we are using almost 97% local products.


Economic and social development: Feeding program and business support

The company provides food donations to rural deserving communities who are food starved. The support includes providing food rations to these communities during drought situation as a gesture to the footsteps of mercy. This programme is implemented in children homes for the disadvantaged or destitute children. 

The company also supports the youth and women by providing bank guarantee for small short term loans for expanding their businesses. These are in situations where the youth and women cannot be able to access such financial assistance normally. The finances are able to improve the economic status of women and youth and enable them to participate in the economic development in their communities.



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    Capital for Water Tanks and Solar Pumps

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    Garbage Collection points for our neighbours

    Garbage Collection points for our neighbours

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 Thank you for buying our product and supporting thousands of small scale farmers across Kenya and community at large.

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